About us

Recruiting is our passion. With our long-term experience in recruiting and software development, we know that your reputation matters and we help you to send out messages accurately and with confidence.

Working in the area of HR-Recruitment for German high-growth companies, I became an expert in finding and hiring talents, starting with specialists in IT, Sales, Product to C-Level executives. Noticing how hard it was to find qualified candidates and with active souring to get in contact with them, we have founded WeSource to close this gap.


Eliza-Marija Hirvensalo

CEO & co-founder

I was born and raised at
the baltic sea, have served in the navy and worked 10 years in Hamburg. With my strong background in development and product management, gained in several companies, I have the answer to any technical question.


Alexander Bahlk

CTO & co-founder


WeSource is how recruiters can build warm relationships with candidates in the digital world

Our mission is simple: helping recruiters to build trusting and meaningful relationships with candidates from the very 1st message.

After the age of mass messaging, the age of personalisation is beginning

Finding talent has gotten easier. Getting them to reply has gotten harder. WeSource is a direct-search software system that enables companies to transform the way they approach and pitch passive talents, crafting messages that get responses and lead to new hires.

For the 1st time in history, companies have to apply to candidates

In these times of low unemployment rates, businesses are desperate to hire quality employees. Recruiters should be proactive and invest in predictable hiring methods, relying less on traditional pathways.

WeSource is the unfair advantage

Recruiting is our passion, as we bring you the new standard of active sourcing.

Modern technology can decrease the burden of administrative work

Recruiters are able to use software systems like WeSource to decrease the uncreative part of their job and invest their time in an awesome candidate experience!

Educating Recruiters

Experienced recruiters and first-time active sourcers can find valuable tutorials and templates on how to get started with WeSource. The best practices and tips on what works and what doesn’t is not a secret anymore. Recruiters must be free to get inspiration from others, growing personally and hiring awesomely.

Excellent customer service is at the center of our product

Customers at WeSource always get outstanding and exceptional service that helps them with all of their needs.