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“WeSource allows us to send personalized messages with little effort, and in addition to making the work fun, as quality increases, the response rate and quality of response increase, too.“
- Jürgen Richter, Managing Partner of 3p Personalmanagement

3p Personalmanagement is a successful recruiting agency working for many well-known companies. Since 2007, Jürgen Richter has put his knowledge to good use as Managing Partner at 3p Personalmanagement and has been awarded as a Top Personnel Service Provider in 2017 and 2018. He specializes in the placement of management and executives leaders in IT and advises the Head of Human Resources on strategy and executive coaching.

WeSource is a software company that provides innovative products to find more qualified candidates and to create them personal and relevant automated messages.

3p Personalmanagement and WeSource exchanged views on modern recruiting solutions to support the growing project and meet the personnel requirements for 3p Management clients. The challenge was to guarantee the best quality of candidates for existing customers while building trustworthy relationships with top talents.

It's a challenge - but one that WeSource is happy to accept.

After months of successful collaboration, we were able to collect a significant performance analysis based on feedback and a few statistics.

Response rate in various areas:
  • Consulting (pre- and post-sales) 50%
  • Sales 75%
  • Management positions 80%

“The use of your tool has significantly increased (doubled, really) the quality of the responses, thereby significantly reducing the overall effort and leading to very good results and applicants. For me, the use of WeSource is absolutely worthwhile.“ Jürgen Richter, Managing Partner of 3p Personalmanagement Jürgen Richter, Managing Partner of 3p Personalmanagement

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