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Accurate and convincing direct search for corporations

“My response rate has increased, which I found very impressive.“
- Susanne Schwarz, Recruiter at Deutsche Post E-Post Development

Deutsche Post E-POST Development is turning the digital products of Deutsche Post DHL Group into reality. They use their products to digitize physical mail for private and business customers. Located in Berlin, Deutsche Post E-Post is always looking for talented and ambitious IT and product specialists. Susanne Schwarz has been using her in-depth knowledge and expertise since 2011 as HR Manager and since 2017 as a Recruiter at Deutsche Post E-Post Development.

WeSource is a software company that provides innovative products to find more qualified candidates and to create them personal and relevant automated messages.

Deutsche Post E-POST Development and WeSource discussed new and efficient recruitment channels to attract passive candidates and meet the growing demand for top developers. The challenge was not only to guarantee the best possible quality of talent for the existing team, but also to build relationships with candidates through accurate and compelling messages.

It's a challenge - but one that WeSource is happy to accept."

After a short time there was not only an increased number of answers, but also evidence of a renewed quality. Here's an example from a QA developer who received a message generated by WeSource.

“Thanks for the personal message. This was one of the most professional messages I have received in years!“
- QA developer at a renowned technology company

After the successful test Susanne Schwarz had the following to say:

“With WeSource you can generate individual-looking cover letters that stand out from the crowd at the press of a button.“ Susanne Schwarz, Recruiter at Deutsche Post E-Post Development Susanne Schwarz, Recruiter at Deutsche Post E-Post Development

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