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“WeSource is easy to use, helping to find suitable candidates and giving you the ability to send automatically generated, customized messages to interesting candidates.“
- Dr. Lea Dirkwinkel, Head of HR at Raisin

Raisin is a young, successful and fast-growing fintech company based in Berlin that brings together European clients and banks. Their goal is to provide customers across Europe with easy, secure and profitable savings and investment products. Since 2015, Dr. Lea Dirkwinkel has been applying her knowledge and expertise as an HR Manager and in 2017 she took over as a Head of HR at Raisin.

WeSource is a software company that provides innovative products to find more qualified candidates and to create them personal and relevant automated messages.

Raisin and WeSource discussed modern recruitment strategies and how to support the need of a fast-growing start-up to find highly-skilled and sought-after talent in the areas of IT, finance, legal, design, product and marketing. The challenge was to guarantee the best quality of the candidates while building a scalable and predictable recruiting process for the existing team to use.

It's a challenge - but one that WeSource is happy to accept.

After the first month of active sourcing for various areas and professional areas, we were able to collect enough data to see the results of WeSource's performance.

“We introduced WeSource and are very satisfied with the tool. Our response rates have increased a lot, for some positions going as high as 50%“ Dr. Lea Dirkwinkel, Head of HR at Raisin Dr. Lea Dirkwinkel, Head of HR at Raisin

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